Do you need a website for your business in South Africa

Posted on: 06 March 2019
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As a business owner in South Africa, you will often wonder if you need a website to promote your business. In this post, we will look at the reasons a business website can boost your organisation. On the flip side, we will also look at the counter arguments and see if they have any validity to them. Join us if you are on the fence about creating your website for your business.

Do customers care if you have a website?

As we move into the Digital Age more and more clients expect the brands they recognise to be up to date as well. A survey shows that as much as 30% of customers won't even consider a business that doesn't own a website, and that 97% of customers search online to find information on a business. while admittedly you don't need a website to have an online presence, with social media pages. However, having a website come up in a search result has more credibility than a Facebook page. On top of all this 63% of customers primarily engage with a business through their website.

What about in the B2B space, does having a website matter then. 75% of B2B buyers say websites influence their final decision. Additional the average B2B buyer makes around 12 online searches before even interacting with a vendor. Then half of all B2B customers expect a competent and helpful channel of communication and not some abandoned outdated website, and will even leave the website if it is not already clear what the company does

This might sound alarming, but even in South Africa, the population is taking these factors into their buys decisions and is representative of how the country is changing.

What image can your website present to your company?

One aspect that a website can provide your business with is credibility. 75% of customers admit that companies' credibility is based on whether they have a website or not. Not only that but the quality of the website is vitally important, where you only have around 10 seconds to leave an impression.

Not only this but having a professional website is a standard that people already have in their minds when searching for a company.

Lastly having your open website allows you to control the branding and information of your company that is put out there. You aren't a slave to word of mouth or social media reviews and comments.

This goes in conjunction with the fact that it is super easy to keep your company information up to date.

Are websites only for large companies?

If you think this is true then you will be shocked to find out that ironically the digital space is one of the few places you can compete with larger companies and websites can act as a level playing field. A website can be much much much cheaper than traditional advertising.

What if you already have social media pages?

The first thing to look at is the fact that as the initial 'fad' of social media is wearing off fewer people are using it, and they spending less time on it. A study shows that a total of 500 million hours fewer hours were spent on Facebook in 2018 than there were in 2017. Not only that but many people that find your social media page look straight to the link to your website and that missing link will leave them wondering about your credibility. So while Social media can help your business grow, it is not a permanent replacement for a website.

What if you don't have the budget for a website?

Websites don't have to be expensive. You can always upgrade at a later date. That doesn't mean you should hire the cheapest developer that will give you the ugliest website. Instead, get a talented developer and ask for a tiny one-page site that you intend to build upon at a later date. Not to mention that is can be the cheapest forms of advertising.

Do you think your clients don't use computers?

This is nonsense. 90% of adults use the internets. In South Africa, while not everyone has a computer almost everyone has a smartphone. with internet access. Meaning they can search for your company.

My industry doesn't require a website.

Wrong, just because you do not sell your product online doesn't mean that you don't need a website or that your competitors aren't using a website to promote themselves. The primary function for most company websites are to provide information to their potential clients as well as build credibility and trust.

What other benefits can it provide?

With over 2.4 billion people on the internet each day, having an online presence can give your business access to all those people. Not only that while your company will operate 9 am to 5 pm a website is 24/7. Anyone can find it any time.

You can use your platform to communicate with your clients, like a blog or feed. As well as provide them with customer support before, during or after a product sale.


You may wonder if you need a website for your business but in today's climate, you can definitely do with a website. Whether it's to provide your website with credibility, provide support to customers. Or just to give extra information about your company. It's almost invaluable what the platform can provide your company with.

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