Launching Pixel Friendly Into the Future

Posted on: 22 February 2019
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It's been years since Pixel Friendly Launched in 2016, and the world has moved on. It's time for us to represent these changes with a brand new look as well as updating our skill base to use new technologies.

Scrapping old ideas

The first thing to clear from our minds are the old crutches that we use, that today are outdated technologies. The first being the use of CMS and Wordpress. While these still have value in today's climate, they are horribly out of date and now we have better tools at our disposal. The new thing to move on from being old web conventions like, bootstrap and the only 1140px container. It's 2019 and people have massive screens now, use that space don't be lazy.

New Technologies

The first of the new tools we started using are SSG, static site generators. This vastly improves the performance while making it easier and quicker to build websites. Next to look as is starting to use webp's instead of JPG and png, the number of users that support web is vastly increasing making it more viable to take advantage of this. From a creative sense the use of Java script libraries allows us to express ourselves with amazing animations.


Using new technology, provides many benefits. The first of these is speed, moving from WordPress to GatsbyJS can both make it easier and faster to create websites, but it can also improve load time, with the website ready to be served to the client as soon as they visit the site. You will be shocked at the results.

Next its upgrading to web for images, it can reduce the overall size of your website by such a a large margin, ESP if your current website uses tons of images.

Lastly SVG's, while this certainly isn't new, we finally put the effort into learning to edit, code and animate SVG's. Withstanding the creative avenues this presents, it also can provide tiny file sizs relative to normal images.


Over the years we have got stuck in a creative rut. Now we here in the present and have a whole new way to plan, conceptualize and develop websites, along with the new tools and skills we have learnt to use. 

As mentioned above SVG's the use of these allow us to animate our graphics on a whole other level.

Next is the use of javascript libraries, these are powerful tools that can make animations easier and more advanced.


Last but not least is our blog, as it stands, we have been neglecting our blog, we have tons of ideas for articles that we never put time into writing and we vow to finally post new blog pieces constantly.

In conclusion, we have upped our game and are excited to take you on this journey with us.

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